Student Health Matters app

Student Health Matters App


Students in Ireland can now access safe, evidence-based and reliable health information at the touch of a button with the free Student Health Matters app. 

Co-created as an 'own-brand' app with and on behalf of the Irish Student Health Association, the app helps students avoid frustrating, unreliable and potentially unsafe online searches.

Benefits to students

Students looking for reliable health information can use the app to:

  • reduce their physical and mental health worries
  • feel more confident about looking after their health and wellbeing
  • find support when they need it at what can be a challenging time

The app contains plenty of links to reliable sources of further information specific to Ireland.

Enhancing university student support

Universities and colleges in Ireland can enhance the support they provide by using the Student Health Matters App (at no cost to them) to:

  • make targeted and supportive health information available at the touch of a button
  • signpost local sources of support in one single location
  • offer added value to students, staff and parents with customised local pages (see below)

The app can also be customised for Irish colleges and universities to provide links to local services and support.


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How does the app work?

The app works offline and offers easy and quick access to:

  • information on topics that matter to students - from mental health, sex & relationships and healthy living to drugs, alcohol and travel advice
  • useful tips, links to support and further information, and important telephone numbers
  • guidance on how to navigate the health system

What can students find on the app?

The app provides:

  • Info and advice on healthy living -  including education and health promotion advice on healthy lifestyles, diet, nutrition, exercise, dangers of drugs, alcohol and smoking, and the importance of vaccination and screening
  • Health A-Z - links to the HSE database of over 600 medical conditions and treatments
  • General health advice - how to spot and manage common physical and mental health problems
  • Key information - on sexual health, contraceptive options, consent and pregnancy
  • Self-care with confidence - how to look after your health, respond to emergencies and self-care for minor illnesses
  • National and local support - useful info and links on where to get medical help and advice, all in one place


Listen to Dr Eoin McDonagh, GP and President of the Irish Student Health Association, talk about the Student Health Matters App on Flirt FM radio.

"Tailored specifically to the needs of third-level college students in Ireland and the Irish Student Health Association (ISHA), the app is a tremendous resource, and first of its kind for our student population."

Theresa Lowry Lehnen, Clinical Nurse Practitioner at the Institute of Technology Carlow and Assistant P.R.O. Irish Student Health Association

Project Lead and Lead Author 'Student Health Matters'.

Where can I get the app?

The Student Health Matters app is free to download for iPhone and Android on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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