Coronavirus Support App (UK)

Coronavirus Suport App (UK)


The Coronavirus Support App (UK) is a FREE one-stop guide to help NHS services, universities, charities and other organisations support their communities by providing easy access to reliable information during the coronavirus crisis.

What does the app cover?

The app provides information, support and reassurance for people in the UK wanting to find out about coronavirus.

It separates facts from fiction and gives sound advice in line with UK government and NHS guidance on how to:

  • manage mental health problems - such as depression, anxiety or feeling suicidal
  • deal with the impact on their daily lives
  • know what to do if you're in an 'at-risk' group
  • learn where to go for more information
  • find out where to go for support

Why did we develop this app?

Going online for advice on coronavirus can be time-consuming and may be unhelpful because of widespread misinformation.

But to stay safe, manage our lives and support others, we need information we can trust. Government and NHS advice isn't always easy to find - and doesn't cover everything.

So we created this resource to make reliable coronavirus-related health and wellbeing information instantly available - even when offline.

How does the app work?

From the home screen or through a search, access trusted information in seconds - even when offline:

  • Assess COVID-19 symptoms - discover how to stay well, recognise the symptoms of coronavirus (including the warning signs) and know what to do next
  • Manage in a crisis - know where and how to seek help if you're experiencing domestic abuse or are in a crisis situation
  • Stay safe - learn how to stay safe if you're in an 'at-risk' group (for example, if you have diabetes, are pregnant, or have reduced immunity)
  • Learn more - find useful links to carefully selected websites and other resources you can trut
  • Get help - know where to go for help and support if you need it

How safe and secure is the app?

This app is not in any way connected to 'track-and-trace' technology.

It does not collect any user-identifiable data.

The app is anonymous in that users do not need to sign up or supply any information.

Does the app have local information?

Local NHS areas can add local customised pages to the app to help people find links to local support more easily - free of charge.

Currently, the app contains information for the Bristol area only, and we hope to expand to other areas soon.

Get in touch to find out more.

How much does the app cost?

The entire content of the app is free-to-download and the app is not-for-profit.

The app does not contain advertising or in-app purchases.

Who developed this app?

We created this app together with over 40 UK health professionals, topic experts and experts by experience and the following development partners:

You can access a list of team members here - PDF 57KB.

How reliable is the information on the app?

We developed the app in line with strict editorial criteria are committed to keeping it up-to-date.

Expert Self Care is certified by the NHS England Information Standard as a provider of reliable health information.

And we're Winner of the 2019 British Medical Association 'Patient Information Award' for wellbeing.

Who paid for the development of the app?

We developed the app as a collaborative project without external funding to do our bit to support people and the NHS during the pandemic.

A big 'thank you' to all our contributors and partner organisations for their help in creating this app, and for providing their skills and expertise free-of-charge.

Where can I download the app?

Download the app on the Apple App Store and Google Play:


Available for download on the app store  Android app on Google play



Get in touch

Knut Schroeder, Director Expert Self CareFor further information email Dr Knut Schroeder (App Production Lead) at