Coronavirus Support App (UK)

Coronavirus Suport App (UK)

The Coronavirus Support App (UK) is your one-stop guide to help you cope better during the coronavirus crisis.

Whether you're struggling with your mental health or just like some handy tips, now you can access trusted health information and useful links to support in seconds.

  • avoid misinformation - open the app and discover reassuring advice from over 40 UK health professionals, topic experts and experts by experience (access a list of team members here)
  • learn to self-care - get answers to common mental and physical health questions and find out how to tackle everyday challenges
  • know where to get help - find links to helplines, charities, NHS advice and official sources of information instantly - all in one place, even when offline

Who developed this app?

Expert Self Care - Winner of the 2019 British Medical Association 'Patient Information Award' for wellbeing and certified by the NHS England Information Standard as a provider of reliable health information - created this app together with the following seven development partners:

What can I find on the app?

Open the app and become more confident in managing this challenging situation:

  • Assess COVID-19 symptoms - discover how to stay well, recognise the symptoms of coronavirus (including the warning signs) and know what to do next
  • Manage in a crisis - know where and how to seek help if you're experiencing domestic abuse or are in a crisis situation
  • Stay safe - learn how to stay safe if you're in an 'at-risk' group (for example, if you have diabetes, are pregnant, or have reduced immunity)

Does the app have local information?

NHS areas can add local customised pages to the app to increase their reach and enable users to easily find links to local support - free of charge.

How much does the app cost?

The app is free-to-download and not-for-profit.

Who paid for the development of the app?

To play our part and support people and the NHS during the coronavirus crisis, Expert Self Care developed the app as a collaborative project without external funding.

We would like to thank all our contributors and partner organisations for their help in creating this app and for providing their skills and expertise free-of-charge.

When will the app be available?

The app has been submitted for launch on iPhone and Android and is currently in review. Please keep checking this page, subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on twitter for updates.

Get in touch

Knut Schroeder, Director Expert Self CareFor further information about this project, details about the launch or to give feedback about the app please email Dr Knut Schroeder (Project Lead, Lead author and Editor) at