distrACT app wins BMA award

Receiving the 2019 British Medical Association 'Patient Information Award'

What kind of company are we?

We're a small private award-winning limited company in Bristol, UK and have been in business since 2012.

The company is led by Founder and Director Dr Knut Schroeder, an experienced GP and health information specialist.

We do not have any outside sponsors or investors and are fully independent. We don't have any competing interests to declare.

Why work with us?

We're the UK's only dedicated health information app producer and focus on providing quality products and service:

  • Certified by the NHS Information Standard
  • Apps assessed by NHS Digital and listed on the NHS Apps Library
  • Achieved high ratings from evaluation by the Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Applications (ORCHA)


  • Winner, British Medical Association Patient Information Award 2019 (wellbeing)
  • Highly Commended, Health Watch England 'NHS70' Award 2018

How do we want to make a difference?

We want to transform the way we provide health information by creating health information apps:

  • make reliable health information easily accessible
  • offer educational and healthcare providers customised pages
  • develop own-brand (white label) apps for other organisations

How do we generate revenue?

While our apps are free-to-download, we generate revenue through:

  • licence fees for customised local pages on some of our apps (universities and NHS)
  • 'own-brand' (white-label) apps commissioned by the NHS, private providers or other organisations
  • a small amount of consultancy work

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