Our aim as a company is to support people in looking after their health by transforming the way we provide health information. 

We want people to better understand and use health information, so they can make well-informed decisions.


What we do

We're creating a new family of FREE mobile apps for university and NHS services that allow people to access reliable health information easily in one single place - even when offline.

In addition, we customise our apps for universities and local areas, adding pages with useful links to local support. ⇒ learn more: universities | local areas

What's more, we can develop 'own-brand' apps for NHS and other organisations. ⇒ learn more


Key business details

Expert Self Care Ltd is a private limited company based in Bristol, UK, owned solely by its Founder and Director, Dr Knut Schroeder. Company number: 8306708.



While we aim to provide our apps free at the point of use, we generate income by:

  • charging a licence fee for organisations (universities and NHS) wanting to customise our apps
  • developing 'own-brand' (white-label) apps for organisations

We do not have any outside sponsors or investors and are fully independent. We don't have any competing interests to declare.


Our story

Key milestones in our story:


Working in partnership

To make sure that your health information apps are relevant and reliable, we always involve users (that is, people with lived experience), health professionals with 'on-the-ground' experience and topic experts (such as researchers) in the development of our apps.

We also enjoy working in partnership with like-minded organisations, such as charities and other trusted organisations. ⇒ learn more



Meet our team ⇒ click here