We enable people to self-care by making useful health information easily available through mobile apps

Whether you're a student, someone who self-harms or a carer, there are times when you'll need easy and instant access to clear, reliable and useful health information that helps you decide what to do next.

We know that many people find searching online for health information frustrating and confusing. That's why we create smartphone apps that give you just the right amount of reliable health information - discreetly on your mobile, in one single place, and even when you're offline:

  • reassure yourself by finding out what's normal and what isn't - we always use simple and clear language that's easy to understand
  • learn to spot the warning signs and know when to see your doctor - we want you to be more confident about what to do next
  • find the best links to useful other resources such if you want to find out more - we've done the legwork for you and only point you to sites you can trust

So you can feel safe, all our apps are written by NHS GPs together with topic experts and involving users throughout. What's more, we use a rigorous editorial process in writing our information and are certified by the NHS England Information Standard as a producer of health information that's clear, accurate, evidence-based, up-to-date and easy to use.

Find out more about our currently available apps (more are in the pipeline):

  • 'Student Health App' (FREE) - over 125 topics and 900 pages packed with useful health information
  • 'distrACT' app (FREE) - information and support for students who self-harm and may feel suicidal