Changing the way we provide health information - through mobile apps

Googling health topics can be frustrating, confusing and potentially dangerous. That's why we're creating a new family of FREE mobile apps that allow people to find reliable health information in seconds - in one single place, and even when offline.

We want to make it easy for groups of people to find answers to their health questions and currently focus on students and young adults.

By signposting local sources of support we also enable users to choose NHS and other services wisely.

Available for download:

  1. Student Health App - relevant health info for students ⇒ learn more
  2. distrACT app - self-harm support for young people ⇒ learn more
  3. Just One Norfolk Health Passport - health info for young people age 16-19 in Norfolk ⇒ learn more

Led by an independent and experienced UK GP,  we create our apps in partnership with:

  • people with lived experience
  • experienced health professionals and topic experts, and
  • trusted organisations such as universities, NHS and charities

We're a Member of the Patient Information Forum and are certified by the NHS England Information Standard as a producer of reliable health information.

Our services include:


"I would recommend this to my friends. I think everyone should have access to quick medical info and this app helps with that!"

(user feedback 'Student Health App')