Help people improve their health and wellbeing

As an education, health or care provider, you can now effortlessly offer your communities much-needed extra support through targeted mobile health information apps. 

Faced with the mental health crisis, long waiting lists for care and gaps in service provision, you will want to do your best to empower underserved and marginalised people to better manage their health - and help them find the right support when needed.

To better safeguard high-priority groups such as students, people who self-harm, young carers, or those with eating disorders, choose from a range of ready-made apps to make reliable, evidence-informed health information more easily accessible - in one single place, even when offline:

  • Educate people about health and wellbeing - and explain what to do next when concerned or in crisis
  • Promote safe self-care - to help people prevent, address and solve health problems
  • Signpost services and other support - to make people aware of useful resources and how to get help

The stakes of not offering easy access to crucial information are high - from poor health outcomes, missed diagnoses and overwhelmed services to mental breakdowns and suicides.

Why not use accredited apps to help you create healthier and happier communities, stand out as a caring provider, and reduce avoidable pressure on services.

How it works

It's easy - simply choose a solution that fits your needs:

  1. Use ready-made free-to-download apps - at no cost to you, no sign-up or set-up
  2. Customise existing apps - become more visible and help people find support locally
  3. Build your own app(s) - use well-established white-label solutions, without the hassle


Free health information apps - FAQ


Customising apps - FAQ


White-label apps - FAQ


Feel safe and secure

Choosing digital tools can feel overwhelming, and you might worry about their quality, safety and suitability.

Using our apps is low-risk:

  • Co-production - we co-create apps with users, health professionals, topic experts and respected partners to ensure they're relevant and accurate
  • Quality content - we're certified by the Patient Information Forum's 'PIF Tick', the UK's quality mark for health information
  • External validation - our apps score highly in assessments by the Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Apps (ORCHA), and we have apps listed on ORCHA Digital Health Libraries and the NHS Apps Library

Available apps are completely free to use. No ads. No in-app purchases. And no collection of personally identifiable data.

Why us?

Founded in 2012, Expert Self Care is an independent provider of quality free-to-download health information apps that allow organisations to make reassuring health advice more easily available.

We're passionate about improving health literacy, collaboration, and building mutually beneficial relationships. We create apps for - and with - national bodies, universities, NHS organisations, local government, and third sector organisations.

  • We care about your communities - we particularly want to help you improve the health and wellbeing of disadvantaged, underserved and high-priority groups
  • We understand your challenges - we're led by a GP with 20+ years of experience in the NHS and UK Higher Education
  • We're reputable - we won the 2019 British Medical Association 'Patient Information Award' for 'Wellbeing', and the Nursing Times Award 2021 for 'Continence Promotion and Care'

We're different in that we have medical expertise, produce health information and create apps - all in-house.

What others say

"The involvement of experts and professionals in the development of this app [distrACT] is outstanding."

British Medical Association 'Patient Information Award' Committee


"I'm blown away; it's brilliant. Thank you for restoring my faith in human kindness with this non-judgemental app"

User feedback, 'distrACT' app


"Accurate and quality app", "a pleasure to work with", "delivered to time and on budget"

Susie Smith, Primary Care Operations and Project Manager
NHS Cambridgeshire 'Just 1 Norfolk Health Passport' app

Who we work with

Clients and partners who trust us include:

ESC partners and clients