We help health and education providers support under-served groups with tailored mobile apps that offer easy access to reliable self-help information and signpost services.

GP surgeries, emergency departments and mental health services are at breaking point. Waiting times for care are rising, and staff struggle to provide quality care.

Too many people miss out on care because they can't easily find the information they need to manage their health (and lives) and don't know where to turn for help.

We specialise in creating targeted free self-help and signposting apps that enable people who work in the NHS, universities, public bodies, charities, and other organisations (and feel the strain) to offer extra digital support to those who often feel left out:

  • People who self-harm and feel suicidal
  • Individuals with disordered eating
  • Students with mental health issues
  • International students
  • Young Carers
  • People with bladder and bowel leakage
  • Those with Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)

Anyone can freely use these dedicated apps we've co-created with NHS health professionals and users. Think of them as digital lifelines to help people self-educate on managing everyday wellbeing issues — and know where to go for medical advice.

Pick a service to help you achieve your goals

Whether you find it hard to meet people's needs (and can't afford not to act) or want to make the good support you offer even better, select from three distinct services to suit your aims and budget:

  • FREE | Provide established quality-assured apps. Give people instant access to context-specific health and life advice to stay well and handle crises. Empower users to take care of their health. Signpost useful sources of support.
  • PREMIUM | Add local service info to existing apps. Subscribe to customised (branded) homepages and service directories. Help people navigate services in your area (or organisation). Reduce preventable strain on your local health system.
  • BESPOKE | Commission your own-brand app. Give people easy access to highly relevant, custom-designed information. Boost your visibility and reputation. We build your new app, create (or adapt) your content, and manage the project — saving you time, effort and headache.


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Get peace of mind

You're not alone if you feel unsure about sourcing new digital health tools and adding them to your services. Like others, you might worry about quality, risks, and setting them up. We want you to feel confident about working with us and implementing your new self-care apps:

  • Feel safe. We're the UK's specialist self-care app producer. For over 10 years, we've co-created evidence-informed apps with experts by experience, NHS health professionals, academic topic experts, and trusted partner organisations. Our founder, Dr Knut Schroeder, a UK GP with 30+ years of working in the NHS and Higher Education, ensures your apps meet the highest standards — and people's needs and expectations.
  • Be reassured. We're accredited by the Patient Information Forum 'PIF Tick', the UK's quality mark for health information. We have robust processes and update your apps regularly. And we're independent and stay clear of conflicts of interest.
  • Expect quality, security, and easy adoption. Your apps are individually reviewed and rated by the Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Apps (ORCHA) and comply with the NHS England Digital Technology Assessment Criteria (DTAC). You can easily fit them into existing support and service pathways.

We've won two national awards - the British Medical Association Patient Information Award for wellbeing (distrACT app) and the Nursing Times Award for continence care (CONfidence app).

What others say

"The involvement of experts and professionals in the development of this app [distrACT] is outstanding."

British Medical Association 'Patient Information Award' Committee


"I'm blown away; it's brilliant. Thank you for restoring my faith in human kindness with this non-judgemental app"

User feedback, 'distrACT' app


"Accurate and quality app", "a pleasure to work with", "delivered to time and on budget"

Susie Smith, Primary Care Operations and Project Manager
NHS Cambridgeshire 'Just 1 Norfolk Health Passport' app

Join others who work with us

We work together, not compete. We build strong relationships with like-minded, trustworthy allies, partners and clients who — just like you — want to do their best to improve people's health, achieve better use of services, and reduce health inequalities.

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Provide apps for free          Add local service info         Commission your app