Finding safe and reliable health information at the touch of a button

We create mobile apps for universities, the NHS and other organisations that allow people to find trusted health advice in seconds.

Help your communities (e.g. students) avoid frustrating, unreliable and potentially unsafe online searches and offer them easy access to safe and accurate health information instead.

With our free-to-download mobile health information apps, health and education providers can:

  • make targeted, evidence-based and supportive health information easily available offline
  • enable users to self-care more confidently and choose services wisely
  • signpost local services in one single location through optional customisation

To make existing (or newly developed) health content more accessible, organisations can create high-quality own-brand (white-label) health information apps with us - without the risk, hassle and price tag.

We're the UK's only dedicated health information app producer and want you to feel safe:

  • Certified by the NHS Information Standard
  • Winner of the British Medical Association 'Patient Information Award 2019' for wellbeing
  • Listed on the NHS Apps Library

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