If you're a health or education provider facing high demand, staff shortages and the mental health crisis, it's hard to maintain great care and give people the support they need. This means priority groups - people who feel suicidal, students with mental health issues, or those with eating disorders - suffer poor health outcomes, and your teams feel the strain.

Now you can use targeted, free apps to enhance your support in a smart new way - and reach out digitally to high-risk individuals, people waiting for care, frequent attenders (including the worried well), those you've failed to engage, and anyone who feels left behind.

Make reliable self-help info readily available in a user-friendly app format - on people's phones (where they feel at home):

  • Give people 'must-know' health knowledge - what's normal, what to look out for, when to seek help, where to learn more
  • Help people manage symptoms and conditions - promote safe self-care, prevent poor health, ease service pressures
  • Signpost services and support better - feel reassured that people know where to go for help

Easily integrate tailored apps into care and service pathways - cost-free, without worry. No need for sign-up, setup, or training.

Add value and customise apps for your area or institution. Subscribe to local home pages and service directories so users can find details about the whole range of available local support in seconds.

Or create your own-brand app with us to reach more people and stand out as a forward-thinking organisation. We're different in that we co-create quality content (or adapt yours), manage the entire project, and bring medical expertise - as one convenient package.

If you can't afford to carry on as usual and want to reduce the risk of avoidable complaints, significant events and time-consuming inquiries (and resulting damage to your reputation), now might be the time to safely increase your digital service offer:


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We're here to help you improve health outcomes and reduce health inequalities, so the people you care for can lead healthier, happier and more fulfilled lives.

We've received national recognition, winning the British Medical Association Patient Information Award for wellbeing and the Nursing Times Award for continence care.

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"The involvement of experts and professionals in the development of this app [distrACT] is outstanding."

British Medical Association 'Patient Information Award' Committee


"I'm blown away; it's brilliant. Thank you for restoring my faith in human kindness with this non-judgemental app"

User feedback, 'distrACT' app


"Accurate and quality app", "a pleasure to work with", "delivered to time and on budget"

Susie Smith, Primary Care Operations and Project Manager
NHS Cambridgeshire 'Just 1 Norfolk Health Passport' app

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