Photo Knut

Dr Knut Schroeder
Director, Expert Self Care
Lead Editor
Clinical Safety Officer
Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer in General Practice, University of Bristol



My main role is to oversee our projects and ensure that the apps we create are of the highest possible quality.

I'm an experienced GP and health information specialist. I thrive on working together with partner organisations to help people self-care, and to make reliable health information more easily accessible.

Previously, I was Senior Clinical Lecturer in General Practice at the University of Bristol, a GP Partner at the Concord Medical Centre in Bristol, and Chief Executive of the Self Care Forum.

I enjoy creating health information and am the author of four books, including Diagnosing Your Health Symptoms For Dummies

Connect with me on LinkedIn or say hello on Twitter, where I'm @DrKnut.



Nicole Naylor, Business Development Manager

Nicole Naylor
Partnership Development Manager





My role is to develop mutually beneficial, long-standing and successful relationships with prospective clients.

Alongside this, I work with the ESC team to research and identify new ways to support users through our range of current and future apps.

I have over 25 years’ experience in the healthcare sector and have previously worked at the Royal College of Physicians and the Patient Information Forum.

And - like all of us here at ESC - I'm passionate about putting the user at the heart of what we do.



sharmila-choudhuryDr Sharmila Choudhury
Language and Copy Editor



I help to ensure that the health information we produce is written in plain English, so your people find it easy to read and understand.

I'm an experienced independent former BBC television producer and script editor. I have a desire to make science and health more accessible to people.

I have a PhD from Oxford. For over 20 years, I've worked on internationally acclaimed TV programmes, including major scientific series with Sir David Attenborough, honing my storytelling and scriptwriting skills.

Meet me on LinkedIn.



Jeremy BassettJeremy Bassett
Mobile App Developer




I create our app frameworks and want to make sure that people using them have the best possible experience.

I have over 20 years of experience as a software developer and have worked with market leaders in various industry sectors, providing comprehensive solutions for iPhone and Android.

If you ever find a problem with any of our apps and they don't work as they should (which can happen with any tech product), just get in touch and we'll do our best to fix it.



Photo of Jake McMurchieJake McMurchie
Web Developer and Designer





I keep our website up and running, and do my best to make it look good and easy to use.

I also design websites for other, high-profile clients. I'm also an award-winning saxophonist, and with my band Get the Blessing won the BBC Album of the Year in the BBC Jazz Award in 2008.


App project teams


SHM launch - cropped

Irish 'Student Health Matters' app project team at the app launch in Dublin

For each app that we create, we assemble a select project team. To bring in relevant experience, knowledge and skills, each team usually has between 10 and 50 team members and works together with 3 to 10 partner organisations.

We choose team members based on the needs of an app project and include:

  • users - people with lived experience, public contributors, and patients
  • health and topic experts - NHS health professionals, researchers, local and national topic experts
  • partner organisations - development and strategic partners, such as NHS providers, universities, colleges, local councils, charities, social enterprises and trusted private companies

You can find out more about our team members and partners on the landing pages for our apps ('Apps' section). Or go to the 'Team' and 'Partners' pages within each app.