International Student App (UK)

Image of International Student App

Coming soon...the new 'International Student App (UK)'

We'll soon be launching a free to download new app for international students coming to the UK to study. 

Find tips and advice to settle into university life

  • find out how to prepare for study in the UK
  • discover how to make the most of the first few weeks
  • know where to get support when you need it
  • get advice on housing, money and transport
  • learn about how to study and get the best possible marks in your exams
  • become more resourceful in dealing with things like culture shock and feeling homesick
  • get top tips on making new friends at university
  • get insights into working in the UK - both during your studies and after graduation
  • find out about life in the UK and local customs
  • know how to navigate the UK health system and stay safe when going out

Customise the app for your university

As a university or college, add a branded page to the app with links to local support.

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Customise apps for your university


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