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As a UK university or college, you can now offer your international students extra support with the free-to-download International Student App (UK). 

The International Student App (UK) enables you to provide international students with reliable information, practical tips and links to support, so they can have the best possible experience at uni.


Who created the app?

We developed the app in partnership with Student Minds, the UK's student mental health charity, as well as student support teams and international students from the University of the West of England and the University of Lincoln.

Why use this app?

When your international students face culture shock, loneliness and academic pressures - made worse by the pandemic - they might find it hard to settle in and realise their full potential.

To improve your provision of care for international students, you can use the app to make reliable, evidence-informed information instantly easily accessible on students' mobiles - in one single place, even when offline:

  • Educate international students about health and wellbeing - and explain what to do next when concerned or in crisis
  • Promote safe self-care - offer practical tips on anything that might affect students' health and wellbeing, and reduce avoidable pressure on services
  • Signpost services and other support - make international students aware of useful resources and how to get help if they need it

Complaints, poor student experience, low academic performance, mental breakdowns, student dropouts and suicides - the stakes of not offering your international students easy access to crucial information are high.

Why not use the International Student App to improve health and wellbeing among international students, stand out as a caring and supportive university or college, and reduce your teams' workload.

How to use this app

The app is entirely free to download. All you need to do is to make students aware that they can download the app from the app stores.

There is no cost to you.

No sign-up or set-up is needed. And the app does not collect any personally identifiable data.

Can we customise the app for our university/college?

Yes. As a UK university or college, you can subscribe to your own home and content page on the app.

Customising the app will allow you to:

  • add your own institutional branding and increase visibility
  • provide links to local support, so students know about your services
  • enable your teaching and support team to signpost resources
  • help students navigate the NHS
International student app customisation

Customise apps for your university or college (premium)


What’s on the app?

From support to housing, academic skills, student life and living in the UK, the app has 11 sections that are easily accessible from the home page.


Every section contains a series of content pages that, for example, help international students:

  • find out how to prepare for study in the UK
  • discover how to make the most of the first few weeks
  • know where to get support when they need it
  • get advice on housing, money and transport
  • learn about how to study and get the best possible marks in their exams
  • become more resourceful in dealing with things like culture shock and feeling homesick
  • make new friends at university
  • get insights into working in the UK - both during their studies and after graduation
  • find out about life in the UK and local customs
  • know how to navigate the UK health system and stay safe when going out

The app has been through a professional and robust production process and carries the Patient Information Forum 'PIF Tick' quality mark.

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