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What is the student health app?

The free-to-download Student Health App:

  • provides easy access to more than 900 pages of reliable health information - all in one place
  • is like a collection of easily accessible information leaflets (or an e-book) on over 125 mental and physical health topics relevant to students - in a user-friendly app format
  • contains hundreds of links to further information and sources of support - instantly available on students' mobile phones and always up-to-date, even when offline

Who is the app for?

The app is for:

  • UK university and 6th form students who want answers to questions about their physical and mental health
  • UK university support teams as a FREE resource to provide reliable health information and signpost students and university teams to sources of support
  • Teachers, lecturers and parents who want to learn more about common student health problems

"We recommend that higher education institutions advertise the ESC Student Health App and encourage its use."

(Higher Education Policy Institute Report 'The Invisible problem? Improving students' mental health', pages 9 and 46/47)

Who developed the app?

The app has been co-designed by practising NHS GPs in partnership with the University of Bristol Students' Health Service and a student panel of over 25 students.

The project was led by Dr Knut Schroeder:

  • Practising GP in Bristol
  • Author of 'Diagnosing Your Health Symptoms For Dummies
  • Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer in General Practice at the University of Bristol
  • Health Information Specialist
  • Board Member of the UK Self Care Forum

Why did we develop this app?

Dr Knut Schroeder and Dr Dominique Thompson had the idea for this app when they spotted a need for making useful health information more easily accessible because of:

  • a rise in mental health problems among students
  • students getting confused, worried and frustrated by online searches
  • increased demand and pressure on university support services

Initially planning to write a book, students responded: "We don't want a book, but if you could provide reliable health and wellbeing information through an app, that would be very helpful!"

What are the benefits for students?

Students can use the app to reduce their worries, feel more confident about health matters and get the support they need at what can be a challenging time:

  • Spot signs of physical and mental illness - including the warning signs and when not to worry
  • Treat common health problems safely at home - and prevent potentially dangerous disease and illnesses
  • Know when to seek help - and find out in seconds where to get local support

"There has never been a more crucial time for students to have access to reliable, safe, relevant health information. Students need to be able to access credible help fast. The Student Health App provides all of this, on a wide range of topics, from mental and sexual health through to emergencies and travel. They shouldn't leave home without it."

(Dr Dominique Thompson, National Student Health Expert)

What are the benefits for universities?

University support services now have a FREE resource available for their students to help:

  • reduce avoidable pressure on student support services
  • improve students' mental and physical health - healthier students will have better results, are less likely to drop-out and have better career opportunities
  • reduce serious events such as meningitis or drug-related illness and prevent self-harm and suicide

As an optional extra service, we can customise the app for individual colleges and universities by providing a branded home page and page with links to local support.

Current university customers include:


Can I trust the app and its content?

The app has been developed in line with robust editorial standards and procedures and is regularly updated. It is a pure information resource, doesn't require sign-up and stores no user data.

The app has also been independently reviewed and approved:

What topics does the app cover?

The app contains over 900 pages with plain-talking reassurance, information and advice on more than 125 topics relevant to students in areas such as:

  • Mental health: Learn to tackle stress, depression and anxiety and manage self-harm and suicidal thoughts
  • First Aid & Emergencies: Covering everything from unconsciousness to asthma attacks, burns and head injury
  • Alcohol & Drugs: Know the score on smoking, alcohol and common drugs - and how to manage a drug overdose
  • Love and Relationships: Discover what's to know about healthy relationships, abuse, contraception and sexually transmitted infections
  • Healthy Living: How to stay healthy and well at uni - and how to keep active
  • Safety: How to be safe on nights out, prevent accidents and avoid online dangers
  • NHS: How to navigate NHS Services effectively

...and more.

How has the app been developed and tested?

The app has been created in line with processes outlined by the NHS England Information Standard and:

  • is evidence-informed
  • has been written and tested by practising GPs together with students and student health experts
  • is regularly updated

For details see our editorial policy.

Student feedback

"slick and professional"
"the appearance of the app is great and I like the tabs in the home page with all the topics"
"very clear and easy to understand"
"very well written and easy to use"
"I would recommend this to my friends. I think everyone should have access to quick medical info and this app helps with that!"

(from student user feedback)




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