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"We recommend that higher education institutions advertise the Student Health App and encourage its use."

(Higher Education Policy Institute Report 'The Invisible problem? Improving students' mental health', pages 9 and 46/47  )

Students - find relevant, reliable and reassuring health information in seconds.

The FREE Student Health App (think of it as a 'supercharged e-book') answers your health questions instantly - within the privacy and comfort of your mobile phone.

A BETTER WAY TO ACCESS HEALTH INFORMATION: Skip googling and forget frustrating, worrying and confusing online searches. Instead, find useful health and wellbeing info in one single place - even when offline.

TRUSTED HEALTH ADVICE WITHOUT THE WORRY: Our team of doctors and student health experts developed the app together with our student panel. We're also certified by NHS England as a producer of reliable health information. Assessed by NHS Digital, the Student Health App is now listed on the NHS Apps Library.

EASY ACCESS TO LOCAL INFORMATION AND SUPPORT: Find it hard to know where to get local support? Some universities provide extra value for their students through an 'own-brand' page on the app, where you can find important links all in one place (learn more). This premium service is currently available for students at:

  • University College London
  • University of Bristol
  • Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford
  • University of St Andrews
  • UWE Bristol


Student and expert feedback

"slick and professional"
"the appearance of the app is great and I like the tabs in the home page with all the topics"
"very clear and easy to understand"
"very well written and easy to use"
"I would recommend this to my friends. I think everyone should have access to quick medical info and this app helps with that!"

(from student user feedback)


"There has never been a more crucial time for students to have access to reliable, safe, relevant health information. Students need to be able to access credible help fast. The Student Health App provides all of this, on a wide range of topics, from mental and sexual health through to emergencies and travel. They shouldn't leave home without it"

(Dr Dominique Thompson, National Student Health Expert)

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Find the Student Health App on the NHS App Store and download it on the Apple App Store or Google Play now. It's 100% FREE and discreet - no sign-up needed. 



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