Student Health App

Student Health App



"We recommend that higher education institutions advertise the Student Health App and encourage its use."

(Higher Education Policy Institute)


The free-to-download Student Health App enables universities and colleges to provide trusted health and wellbeing information in one single location.

You can use the app for free to improve student wellbeing and reduce avoidable pressure on your support services:

  • enable students to make better-informed choices about their physical and mental health
  • encourage students to self-care when it's safe to do so
  • help students navigate local support and choose services wisely

What does the app cover? 

The app offers reassuring information and advice on more than 125 topics relevant to students:

  • Mental health: How to tackle stress, depression and anxiety, and how to manage self-harm and suicidal thoughts
  • First Aid & Emergencies: Find out what to do next - from unconsciousness to asthma attacks, burns and head injury
  • Alcohol & Drugs: Know the score on smoking, alcohol and common drugs - and how to manage a drug overdose
  • Love and Relationships: Discover what's to know about healthy relationships, abuse, contraception and sexually transmitted infections
  • Healthy Living: How to stay healthy and well at uni - and how to keep active
  • Safety: How to be safe on nights out, prevent accidents and avoid online dangers
  • NHS: How to navigate NHS Services effectively and choose services sensibly

Students can use the app offline, so the content is always available.


"There has never been a more crucial time for students to have access to reliable, safe, relevant health information. Students need to be able to access credible help fast. The Student Health App provides all of this, on a wide range of topics, from mental and sexual health through to emergencies and travel. They shouldn't leave home without it."

(Dr Dominique Thompson, National Student Health Expert)

Customise the app for your university or college

Add a customised branded page to app to raise your profile and signpost local services.

Learn more about this service on the university customisation page.

Which universities have customised the app?

STUDENT HEALTH APP university partners

Can I trust the app?

The Student Health App is: 

How safe and secure is the app?

No sign-up required. No collection of personal data. No advertising. No in-app purchases.

What students say

"slick and professional"
"the appearance of the app is great and I like the tabs in the home page with all the topics"
"very clear and easy to understand"
"very well written and easy to use"
"I would recommend this to my friends. I think everyone should have access to quick medical info and this app helps with that!"

(from student user feedback)

Where can your students download the app?

The app is listed on the NHS Apps Library and available free-to-download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.


Available for download on the app store   Android app on Google play

How to make students aware

To promote the use of the app at your college or university, download and distribute the following resources:

Get in touch

Knut Schroeder, Director Expert Self CareFor further information email Knut Schroeder -



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