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As a UK university or college, customising our student-facing apps allows you to enhance your digital student support by making information about local services and support more easily accessible.

What does university customisation offer?

Customising our student-facing apps for your university or college means that you will get:

  • your own local content page - provide students with crucial local support information and edit anytime, as often as you like
  • your own personalised homepage - display your logo or crest on the app, and give your students a feeling of belonging when using the app
  • access to anonymised analytics - get insights into how your students use the app and track visits to your website from within the app

Please bear in mind that we can only offer a limited number of customised pages per app. If demand exceeds availability, we may need to put you on a waiting list.

What are the benefits?

A customised page allows you to improve digital access to local information for your students - even when offline:

  • signpost local services and support - make it easier for your students to find and access help and support, especially in a crisis
  • show you care - give students their 'own' space, increase their feeling of belonging
  • raise your profile - add your institutional branding and stand out as a caring provider

Who is it for?

University customisation is open to education providers in the UK and Ireland:

  • Universities and colleges
  • higher degree course providers
  • 6th forms
  • apprenticeship providers
  • foundation programmes
  • language and summer schools
  • other eligible academic institutions (please contact us to discuss)

How much does it cost?

The cost for subscribing to a local customised page is £400 per month (plus VAT, billed annually or by monthly direct debit).

We can offer special rates for:

  • bulk subscriptions - when you create different local pages on a single app for multiple areas within your wider region
  • 'multi buy' subscriptions - when you add the same (or largely similar) local page to more than one app

The minimum initial subscription period is 6 months, and we don't charge a separate set-up fee. You can cancel anytime.

What if we don't have the budget?

We know that student support funds can be tight. If you're interested in subscribing to a customised page but don't have the budget, here are possible options for getting creative and making it work:

  • Partnerships - consider teaming up with other providers in your area to share the costs (e.g. local authorities, NHS and charities)
  • Sponsorship - gain sponsorship and offer to credit the sponsor on your page (but this must not risk damaging your or our reputation)
  • Private donations - invite donations from acceptable private donors
  • Alumni fund - apply to an alumni fund (if available)
  • Alternative budgets - look out for other 'pots of money' that you could tap into, such as Covid-19 funding or marketing budgets
  • Advertising - consider selling advertising space on your page (must not damage your, our or the app's reputation)
  • Group offers - if you apply together with other universities or colleges, we might be able to offer a group discount (contact us to discuss)

When is customisation useful?

You might find customising apps useful in situations when you want students to have instant access to local information, so they feel supported and can make the right decisions:

  • Pressure on services - your support services are in high demand, and you want to provide students with info about safe alternative local support
  • Students are not seeking help - encourage students in need of support, or those who worry about asking for help, to contact your services and avoid more serious problems down the line
  • Health and other crises - make it easier for students to know where to get help in a crisis (e.g. feeling suicidal, medical emergency) - even when offline
  • Information is difficult to find - students can't easily find crucial support information on your website because it is spread over several pages
  • Multi-site and remote service provision - your campus is spread over various sites, or your students can't access your services because they live and work remotely

Why have a customised page?

Local customised pages allow you to provide additional digital support to students who:

  • are exposed to misinformation
  • are unsure about navigating services
  • need offline access to information (poor reception, no data, placements abroad)
  • prefer to access information on their mobiles
  • live and study off-campus
  • feel overwhelmed by available services and need guidance on where to go for help
  • don't engage with your traditional sources or information and support (email, website, leaflets, notice boards)

Which apps are available for customisation?

You can add customised pages to any of our free student-facing apps:

Other apps available for university customisation are:

Design your own page

We can help you create your personalised page, using your own text, images, videos and hyperlinks.

Here are three examples:

Student Health App customisation

Gain useful page insights

Measure user engagement, information reach and the effectiveness of your awareness campaigns:

  • Access and evaluate aggregate data - make use of anonymous analytics on metrics such as downloading figures and app usage
  • Measure traffic - track visits to your website from your page on the app (learn more about UTM tracking)
  • Monitor trends - evaluate the use of your page over time

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