We customise the Student Health App for universities and colleges

Customised page for UCL on the Student Health App


If as a university or college you want to enable your students to find and access links to your own support pages and other local support instantly - in one single location, even when offline - we can create your own customised 'university support page' on the FREE-to-download Student Health App

Why do we customise the Student Health App?

Students faced with a physical or mental health problem can find it hard to know what local support is available and how to access help and support.

This may lead to:

  • Students missing out on support | Students with physical or mental health problems may not get the right care and support at the right time
  • Pressure on support services | Overwhelmed student support services with limited resources face avoidable pressures when students don't know where else to turn for help
  • Poorer outcomes | Students' health may suffer unnecessarily, leading to poorer grades, dropping-out and - in the worst case - students taking their own lives

What problem are we trying to solve?

Students need quick and easy access to information about self-care and how to get help if they need it but may not be able to find it - especially in times of crisis:

  • Printed materials | Leaflets given out at freshers' week or displayed within the university can go out of date and may not be at hand when needed most.
  • Websites | Useful information about local services may be available on the university's website but may be spread over many pages and can be hard to keep up to date
  • Professionals | Students may not know whom to turn to for advice and how to contact health professionals, uni support teams and charity support workers

What benefits does customisation provide?

If we customise the Student Health App for your organisation, you can create added value for your students and organisation:

  • More effective signposting | Provide details and links to available local resources and help reduce unnecessary pressure on your services by enabling your students to choose wisely
  • Easy and trouble-free setup and updates | Make changes to your page at any time and save on printing costs for leaflets and writing your own information
  • Show you care and raise brand awareness | Show current and future students that you take your duty of care seriously - and reassure their parents by showcasing your available support for everyone to see

Current partners

The following universities and their students already benefit from a customised page on the Student Health App:

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