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Supporting students' physical and mental health remains high on the agenda in UK higher education.

But to make sure students can get the right help at the right time, they need to know where they can go for support.

To make it easy for students to find local services, universities and colleges can now easily signpost students by adding their own 'customised' pages to our student-facing apps.

Customise apps for your college or university

Inform students about available local support:

  • signpost local services - raise awareness of where students can get help, especially when in a crisis
  • link to your website - make all your pages easy to find
  • add your institutional branding - show you care and give students a feeling of belonging

Why apps rather than print or websites?

Make use of apps specially built for iPhone and Android that:

  • provide a better user experience than web or print
  • are easy to distribute and available offline
  • allow easy navigation with relevant information in one place

Choose from different apps

Add customised pages to any of our free-to-download student-facing apps:

Design your own page

Work with us to create your personalised page - using your own text, images, videos and hyperlinks.

Here are screenshots from the pages for University College London, the University of St Andrews and Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford:

Uni customisation

Gain insights into how your page is doing

Measure user engagement, reach of your information, and effectiveness of awareness campaigns:

  • access and evaluate aggregate data - make use of anonymous analytics on metrics such as downloading figures and app usage
  • measure traffic - track visits to your website from your page on the app (click here to learn more about UTM tracking)
  • monitor trends - evaluate the use of your page over time

Be part of a growing community

Join other universities who support their students through customised pages on our apps:

university partners


How much does a customised page cost?

Prices start from £150/mo (inclusive of VAT, billed annually) and depend on the size of your university or college and the number of students.

Easily create your page

To set up and run your page:

  1. Discuss your needs with us
  2. Send us text, links and images
  3. We draft your page
  4. Review your page and request further changes if needed
  5. We launch your new page
  6. Requests edits or updates anytime, as often as you like

Get in touch

Knut Schroeder, Director Expert Self CareFor further information or an informal chat to discuss your needs, please email Knut Schroeder (GP and Director, Expert Self Care) today -