distrACT app won BMA Patient Information Award

The distrACT app, developed in collaboration with the Bristol Health Partners’ Improving Care in Self-Harm Health Integration Team (STITCH HIT), won the British Medical Association (BMA) Patient Information Award for wellbeing. The BMA Awards encourage the production, dissemination and evaluation …

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Higher Education Policy Institute recommends ESC Student app

    In its newly published paper “The invisible problem? Improving students’ mental health”, the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) recommends the use of the ESC Student app in higher educational institutions.  Highlighting the need to signpost students to reliable …

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New 'ESC Student' health app released

Our new app ‘ESC Student’ will be launched at this year’s Student Health Association Conference in Leeds on Monday 27 June as part of a wider campaign to help improve student health and increase health literacy among young people. Developed …

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