distrACT app won BMA Patient Information Award

distrACT app wins BMA award

The distrACT app, developed in collaboration with the Bristol Health Partners' Improving Care in Self-Harm Health Integration Team (STITCH HIT), won the British Medical Association (BMA) Patient Information Award for wellbeing.

The BMA Awards encourage the production, dissemination and evaluation of patient information materials that are accessible, evidence-based and well-designed - and that support patients as active participants in decisions about their care.

The free distrACT app gives people who self-harm and may feel suicidal quick, easy and discreet access to information and advice, so they can manage difficult feelings, cope with a crisis and find help and support.

The awards committee said:

"This is a very well-researched and put together application for people at risk of self-harm and suicide, which offers a lot of information and support in a simple and effective format. The information, for example in the section on physical self-harm, is written in a neutral and non-judgemental tone and is structed around questions the user may be asking.

A wide range of health professionals has been involved in the development of this app, from academics to front-line clinicians. These include clinical professionals with expertise in information technology in healthcare, and individuals working directly with people who self-harm. The involvement of experts and professionals in the development of this app is outstanding."

The distrACT app is certified by the NHS England Information Standard and listed on the NHS Apps Library.