Just 1 Norfolk Health Passport

The 'Just 1 Norfolk Health Passport' provides clear and reliable health information for young adults aged 16-19 living in Norfolk, UK.

Worried about a health problem? Too embarrassed to ask? Don't know what to do next? This app aims to help you look after your health and stay safe:

  • Find useful health information about topics that matter to you, from sex & relationships to healthy living and drugs – all in one place
  • Know where you can find help and advice when you need it – with useful tips, links and numbers all in one place
  • Learn more about mental health, accessing your health record, enjoying festivals, becoming independent and travelling safety - anywhere, anytime and in private

The Just 1 Norfolk Health Passport has been commissioned by Iceni Healthcare on behalf of Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust.

We involved young people, health experts and health professionals working in the NHS in developing the app.

Your 'Just 1 Norfolk Health Passport' will give you quick, easy and discreet access to useful health information!

The app will become available to download for iPhone and android on 31 October 2018.