We enjoy working together with organisations that operate in the same field, have similar aims, or look after the same groups of people.


Types of partnership

We work with three types of partners:

  • development partners
  • strategic partners
  • client partners.

The organisations we collaborate and do business with include:

  • NHS Organisations
  • universities and colleges
  • local authorities
  • charities and social enterprises
  • like-minded businesses

We may establish more than one type of partnership with our partner organisations.

Development partners

We work with our app development partners to co-create apps.

For example, we:

  • scope and develop app project ideas together
  • co-design app interfaces
  • co-create content
  • evaluate apps

Our development partners will often benefit by getting free local customised pages on our apps.

Strategic partners

With our strategic partners, we support each other for mutual benefit.

This means that we, for example:

  • share knowledge, expertise and resources
  • work together on awareness campaigns
  • share useful information and updates with our networks

Client partners

We see and treat our clients as partners and:

  • work together to find the best solution(s) to their problem(s)
  • work in their best interest
  • want them to succeed

Our client partners will become part of our support and resource network.

Work with us

If you'd like to work with us or learn more about our partnerships, please get in touch.


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