Build your 'own-brand' health information app with us

Just One Norfolk Health Passport App


Whether you're an NHS organisation provider, a charity or a commercial organisation - we can create your own-brand health information app for you. 

Why build your own health information app?

Getting useful health information into the hands of users can be challenging:

  • Cost and effort | Leaflets, brochures and books can be expensive and time-consuming to produce and distribute - especially in high volumes
  • Navigation | web-based information - even when optimised for smartphones which an increasing number of people use to access health informaation - can be disjointed and difficult to navigate, especially if you have large amounts of information
  • Access | Printed materials can get lost and web-based information requires being online, which limits their use when people need access to information urgently or when offline

What are the benefits of creating your own-brand app?

Creating your own-brand mobile health information app benefits both users and your organisation:

  • Improve availability of information | enable people to access your information quickly and easily, in one single place, and even when offline
  • Save resources | Save on development, printing and distribution costs of printed materials
  • Reach people on their mobiles | get your app listed on the new NHS Apps Library (if eligible), engage with users through push notifications, and get useful data on downloading numbers, retention rates and trends

Why work with us?

We have over 7 years of experience in producing health information apps and offer:

  • A 'one-stop shop' | We have clinical, health information and app development expertise in-house and can manage the entire project for you
  • Bespoke quality content | Use your own existing content, pick from content we've already produced or let us create fresh material with you
  • Well-developed 'white-label' app framework | We can build your new app quickly and make make sure it will be easy to maintain and run smoothly]
  • Local customisation | For organisations that want users to be able to choose local area information, we can provide local customisation

To see an example of a commissioned app you can check out the free Just One Norfolk Health Passport app - an 'own-brand' app that we developed for Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust.

What about safety and security?

We focus on quality and our current apps have undergone external assessment and validation:

  • We're certified by NHS England Information Standard as a producer of reliable health information
  • Two of our apps have been assessed by NHS Digital for safety, security and usability and are listed on the NHS Apps Library (Student Health App and distrACT)
  • Our apps have been reviewed by the Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Applications (ORCHA) - see the reports for the Student Health App and distrACT.

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