Local area signposting

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NHS and local authorities: it's never been easier to provide links to local information and support for specific target groups in your population in one single place - even when they're offline. 

How? By adding a customised page for your are to our Student Health App and distrACT app.


Benefits to you

Easily signpost local information and resources in one single location:

  • Provide reliable health content without the hassle -  we'll take care of writing and updating the app content
  • Signpost more effectively - make sure users (and others like parents, teachers and health professionals) know where to get support if they need it
  • Easy and trouble-free setup and maintenance - make changes to your page and links at any time and save on printing cost for leaflets


Here's what it looks like

As an example, see how the Bristol area provides customised information on the distrACT app:


distrACT local option


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