We customise the distrACT app for NHS and local government providers

Image of customised page on the distrACT app


If you're a local NHS or local government provider who wants to better support people who self-harm (and may feel suicidal), we can customise the FREE-to-download distrACT app for you so you can signpost local sources of support more effectively.

Why do we customise the distrACT app?

Young people - including students - who self-harm and look for help can find it hard to find available local support and navigate the NHS.

This may lead to:

  • Missing out on support | People who self-harm don't get the right care at the right time
  • Pressure on the NHS and uni support services | Overwhelmed A&E departments, GP surgeries and university support teams experience can't cope with the demand
  • Poorer health outcomes | People's physical and mental health may suffer - and some end up taking their own lives when they don't get the support they need

What problem are we trying to solve?

People who self-harm need quick and easy access to information but may not be able to access it - especially in times of crisis:

  • Leaflets | Printed information provides limited space, goes out of date and may not reach those who need them most.
  • Websites | Useful information about local services may be available online but is is often spread over many sites and not easily discovered.
  • Professionals | Young people may not know whom to turn to and how to contact health professionals, counsellors and charity support workers

What benefits does customisation provide?

Customising our free-to-download distrACT app for NHS providers and local governments brings various advantages:

  • More effective signposting | Users can find sources of local support easily accessible in one single place - even when offline
  • Easy and trouble-free setup and updates | Organisations can make changes to their page and links at any time so information will always be up to date
  • Increase reach | Signposting through an app is a great way to reach out to people from the comfort of their mobile phones

Learn more

To find out more about customising the distrACT app for your local area please get in touch.