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If you're an education, health or care provider and want to better educate your communities about their health and wellbeing, you can now provide easy access to trusted health and wellbeing information through a growing range of mobile apps. 

Here we explain what these apps are, how they work, and how you can benefit.

Why use health information apps?

The mental health crisis, long waiting lists for care and the pandemic have brought enormous challenges. So people can make informed decisions about their health, they need easy access to clear and trusted health advice.

But good health information can be hard to find:

  • online searches are unreliable and often confusing.
  • many websites are difficult to navigate
  • misinformation is common.

As a result, people feel anxious, suffer poor health and make unwise choices. And your hard-pressed teams feel the strain.

How do apps help?

Health information apps make it really easy for you to reassure and educate underserved groups of people who may need extra support:

  • offer instant access to reliable health information - all in one place, even when offline
  • promote safe self-care - and reduce avoidable pressure on services
  • signpost support - and help people find the right care

Who can I support with the apps?

Choose from a range of apps to support high-priority groups of people within your communities:

What's on the apps?

Available apps allow you to provide your communities with information and practical tips on areas such as:

  • mental Health - how to spot and manage loneliness, anxiety, depression, self-harm and suicidal thoughts
  • physical Health - useful facts about symptoms and conditions, and how to spot the warning signs
  • self-help - practical self-care tips, including advice on over-the-counter treatments
  • healthy living and wellbeing - how to eat well, keep active and feel well
  • people at-risk - information for minority and at-risk groups
  • calm zone - advice on how to relax and improve wellbeing through creativity or mindfulness
  • emergencies - what to do in an emergency and how to provide first aid
  • treatments - available treatments, and how to choose between them
  • practical Tips - useful advice for daily life and work
  • support - how to get support, and how to navigate services

What's at stake?

The risks of not making quality information easily accessible are high - from poor health outcomes, complaints and missed diagnoses to overwhelmed services, mental breakdowns and suicides.

Why not pick from a range of reliable apps to create healthier and happier communities, stand out as a caring provider, and ease the burden on your over-worked teams.

Who are the apps for?

The apps are for educational, health and care organisations that want to offer added value and expand their digital support, such as:

  • National health and care bodies
  • Universities and colleges
  • NHS organisations
  • Local authorities
  • Schools
  • Employers
  • Health charities
  • Private health and care providers
  • Student accommodation providers

Can I customise apps?

Yes, your organisation can apply for customised pages on most of our apps (subject to availability).

Customisation means we add a branded local homepage for you to easily signpost local support.

Here's an example:

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Feel safe and secure

We know that choosing digital tools can feel overwhelming. And you might worry about their quality, safety and suitability.

Our apps are low-risk:

Available apps are safe and entirely free to use. No ads. No in-app purchases. No collection of personally identifiable data.

Learn more about how we create app content and ensure quality.

How can I find out more?

To find out more or arrange a demo, please email or get in touch through our contact page.