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International Student App (UK)

If you work for a university, college, NHS organisation, local council, charity or another provider, you can easily get trusted health information into the hands of your communities with health information apps. On this page, we explain what health information apps are, how you can use them for your organisation and your communities, and the benefits they offer.   

Why apps?

Co-created with experts, users and partner organisations, our apps help you:

  • fulfil your duty of care
  • improve people's health and wellbeing
  • reduce avoidable pressure on services

They allow you to provide additional support for people in your communities who might otherwise feel disproportionately disadvantaged.

How do they work?

Our free-to-download apps offer easy access to health topics and practical advice for specific groups of people looking for information and support - similar to the NHS website, but easier to navigate and more tailored to people's needs.

Use our apps to:

  • enable your communities to take better care of their health
  • offer reliable self-care advice and reassurance at the touch of a button
  • help people in crisis (e.g. feeling overwhelmed, suicidal or physically unwell) decide what to do next
  • signpost available support in one place
  • show that you care and are committed to reducing inequalities

Add our apps to your existing support tools and give people who struggle instant access to accredited self-help information within the comfort and privacy of their mobile phones - even when offline.


With health information apps, you can make health and wellbeing information easily accessible in one single space:

  • provide key facts about illnesses and conditions, including the warning signs
  • offer self-care advice to help people manage common illnesses safely at home
  • signpost available support and explain when to seek help

Watch this video review by Dr Tom Mickelwright created on behalf of ORCHA, the Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Applications, in which he talks about our Student Health App and the distrACT app being among their top mental health apps (both apps have since been reviewed, updated and redesigned):



Health information apps can:

  • Save you time - no need to write your own information - our targeted apps are ready-do-use and regularly updated
  • Save you money - you can use our apps for free, at no cost to you or users
  • Bridge the digital divide - provide information for people who don't have access to a computer, all they need is an iPhone or Android phone
  • Increase your reach - give people to access information even when offline - useful when people have limited data, no internet, or live in remote areas
  • Help people choose -  enable people to locate available services that can otherwise be difficult to find, so they can get the help they need
  • Provide a great user experience - help people avoid misinformation and frustrating online searches, and make useful information available anytime and anywhere

Benefits for your organisation

Health information apps enable you to:

  • have peace of mind by helping people find reliable health advice instantly on their phones
  • fulfil your duty of care by signposting available support more effectively
  • reduce pressure on services by helping people to self-care and choose services wisely
  • enable people to lead healthier lives
  • be able to show that you care about the people in your communities

Benefits for your communities

Better support your communities, so they can lead happier and healthier lives, and:

  • learn more about their health and feel more in control (improve health literacy)
  • feel enabled to self-care (increase self-efficacy)
  • look after their health better (prevent illness and disease)
  • know instantly where to go for support (enable early intervention)
  • avoid and manage crises and avoid serious outcomes such as self-harm, suicide or family breakdowns (improve crisis care)

Are they safe?

Certified by the Patient Information Forum 'PIF Tick', all our health information apps are safe to use and secure (see Quality Management and Content Policy):

  • reliably sourced - evidence-informed and referenced
  • authoritative - co-created by UK health professionals, topic experts and users
  • secure - no collection of personally identifiable data, no sign-up required

How much does using our apps cost?

All our apps are 100% free to download - no hidden charges.