Customising Apps - FAQ


CUSTOMISATION selection flow

As an education, health or care provider, you can customise some of our free-to-use apps to make it really easy for people to find out about local support - in one instantly accessible and convenient place.


What is local app customisation?

Local customisation gives you:

  • your own information and signposting (content) page - provide info and links about local sources of support
  • a personalised home page linking to your content page - display your logo or another image on the app's home page
  • access to page and app analytics - get insights into how many people access your page

You might find customised pages useful when information about local services, helplines and charities is scattered and hard to find - or when people find choosing services overwhelming.

Who is it for?

Customisation is for education, health and care providers, such as:

  • national bodies with local or regional networks
  • universities and colleges
  • NHS organisations (NHS Trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups)
  • collaborative care providers and partnerships (Integrated Care Systems)
  • local authorities
  • public health bodies
  • third sector providers

Learn more about university customisation and local area customisation.

How much does it cost?

The cost for subscribing to a local customised page is £340 per month (plus VAT, billed annually or by monthly direct debit).

We may be able to offer special rates for:

  • bulk subscriptions - when you create different local pages on a single app, for example, for individual areas within a wider region
  • 'multi buy' subscriptions - when you add the same (or largely similar) local page to more than one app

The minimum initial subscription period is 6 months, and there's no separate set-up fee. You can cancel anytime.

Why have a customised page?

With a customised page, you can:

  • raise awareness of your organisation and brand - prominently display your logo and give users a feeling of belonging
  • reassure your communities that help is available, and that you do your best to help them get support
  • offer instant access to guidance on where to get help in a crisis, or while waiting for care
  • throw a lifeline to those who feel left out or frustrated by a lack of support, whether real or perceived
  • reduce avoidable pressure on services by enabling people to choose services wisely
  • show you care by making your area or organisation stand out on an app

Are there other benefits?

Yes. By subscribing to a local customised page you can also:

  • learn about what information people need - get insights into which areas of the app(s) users from your area visit (through anonymised aggregate data)
  • get usage data - know how often people from your area use the app
  • measure traffic to your site(s) from within the app - find out when app users click through to your own website(s), using anonymous tracking codes
  • influence app content - work with us to include new app content based on your and your communities' needs
  • join a group of committed providers - become part of a growing network of organisations offering additional digital support, gain new insights into digital information provision, and be first in line for new resources and offers

What does a customised home page look like?

Here are examples of university and local area home pages. The 'branded' area (tile) at the top links directly to a local customised content page. All other content on an app is generic, and the same for every user.


What does a local content page offer?

Here are examples of local content pages from different apps, which are accessible with a single 'tap' directly from the home page. The pages are scrollable and, like a webpage, can contain unlimited content, including text, images and videos.


CUSTOMISATION content pages

How can users set the app to a local page?

When opening the app for the first time, a 'picker' screen appears. When users choose their institution or local area from the list, the home screen reconfigures to the local setting.

All other users can select 'not listed' and use the generic full version of an app. Here's an example from the Student Health App:

CUSTOMISATION selection flow


Which apps can be customised?

Customised pages are available on the following apps:

Setting up a customised page?

Setting up a customised page takes 3 simple steps:

  1. We have an initial chat - you tell us about what you want your page to cover, and ask any questions (usually takes no longer than 10-15 mins)
  2. You send us text and images - you email us the images, text and links you'd like us to include (we can guide you and suggest possible content)
  3. We create your page together - we then draft a page that we review and revise together until it feels right (we'll use a shared online document to make it easy)

Once you've signed off on your new page, we'll do the rest. Your page will usually go live within a week or two (depending on demand).

You can request edits and updates at any time.

Are customised pages limited?

Yes. We only offer a limited number of customised pages on each app. If demand exceeds availability, we may have to put you on a waiting list.

I'm interested - what next?

To register your interest in a customised page, check availability, or discuss your requirements, please get in touch.

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