Customise apps

What is customisation?

Customisation means adding your own (branded) home and content pages to one or more of our apps.

Customisation is a premium paid-for service. We only release a certain number of spaces for customised pages per app.

What are the benefits?

Subscribing to customised pages allows you to:

  • offer local service information in a single location - better support people in crisis or waiting for care
  • raise your profile - showcase local support to a wider audience
  • reduce avoidable pressure on services - enable people to choose wisely
  • show you care - and stand out as a supportive provider

In addition, gain useful insights into the usage of your page through analytics. Request changes to customised pages anytime.

When is local customisation useful?

You and your communities may find customising apps useful when:

  • you need to act on a significant event that arose from a lack of easy access to information
  • your communities feel left out and unsupported because they're not aware of the range of help available
  • people find choosing and navigating your local services difficult and overwhelming
  • information about local services is scattered
  • local support is hard to find (for example, deeply hidden in websites, or so far only available in print)

Who is it for?

Customisation is for larger education, health and care providers:

  • national bodies with local or regional networks
  • universities and colleges
  • NHS organisations (NHS Trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups)
  • collaborative care providers and partnerships (Integrated Care Systems)
  • local authorities
  • public health bodies
  • third sector providers

What does a customised homepage look like?

A customised home page will feature:

  • an image of your choice (such as your logo)
  • a customisable header with a subtitle
  • an action button linking to your customised content page

Here are examples of customised home pages from three different apps (click to enlarge):



What content can we include?

Include any content your communities would find useful and improves their experience of care:

  • unlimited text (pages are scrollable)
  • images, such as logos or photos
  • videos
  • hyperlinks to external sites
  • phone numbers with auto-dial
  • animated images or virtual 'flipbooks' (GIFs)

Here are three examples of customised content pages (screenshots only showing the top parts of the pages, click to enlarge):


CUSTOMISATION content pages

How much does it cost?

The cost for a subscription is £400 per month (plus VAT), billed annually or by monthly direct debit.

Save with:

  • bulk subscriptions - when you subscribe to more than one page on a single app (for example, pages for local areas within a wider region)
  • 'multi buy' options - when you subscribe to pages on more than one app
  • special deals - such as new-app or seasonal promotions (e.g. beginning of term for universities). Ask for details.

The minimum initial subscription period is 6 months. There is no separate set-up fee. You can cancel anytime.

How do users access the local setting?

When opening the app for the first time, a 'picker' screen appears. App users from your communities choose your institution or local area from the list, and the home screen then changes to the local setting.

All other users select 'not listed' and use the generic version of the app.

Here's an example from the Student Health App (click to enlarge):


CUSTOMISATION selection flow


Which apps can we customise?

You can subscribe to customised pages on the following apps:

  • CONfidence
  • distrACT
  • Eating Disorder Support App
  • International Student App (UK)
  • Student Health App
  • Student Health Matters App (Ireland)
  • Young Carers Support App

How do we set this up?

It's easy. Subscribe to a customised page in 3 simple steps:

  1. We talk - we have an initial chat about your page design (~15 mins)
  2. We co-design - you send us anything you'd like us to include (images, text, links), and we create the page for (and with) you
  3. We launch - once you've signed off your new page, we can usually get it live within a week or two

Request edits and updates to your page at any time, at no extra charge.

I want to learn more about university customisation >

I want to find out more about local area customisation > 

How can I apply?

The number of customised pages on each app is limited. We only release new pages when we have capacity.

If we're oversubscribed, we can add you to our waiting lists.

To find out more, register your interest and apply for a local customised page, please get in touch.




Customise apps for your local area (premium)


Customise apps for your university or college (premium)