CONfidence app

The CONfidence enables people with bladder and bowel leakage to find useful information, self-care tips and links to support - all in one place.

The app was developed in collaboration between Expert Self Care Ltd and the Bristol Health Partners Bladder and Bowel Confidence (BABCON) Health Integration Team, and co-produced with public contributors, topic experts, charities and other partners.

Use the app to feel supported, get tips for everyday life and find support when you need it:

  1. Signposting: Know where to go for help and more information
  2. Self-care: Know what you can do yourself to look after your physical and mental health
  3. Practical tips: Develop skills to help you handle challenging situations and everyday problems
  4. Health and support services: Learn to make informed choices about getting help when you need it
  5. Local customisation: Get local information and links if your area has subscribed to its own page

This app was launched in April 2021. For more information please contact us.