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As an education, health or care provider, you can easily create your own information app using white-label app frameworks.

We can develop the content for (and with) you, and maintain your app over time.


Why create an information app?

Health and wellbeing information apps allow you to:

  • make it easy for users to get information onto their phones - downloading an app takes seconds
  • make information available offline - our apps work when there's no internet access, poor reception or WiFi signal, or if users have run out of data, and so can be used anywhere and on-the-go
  • improve the user experience - help people avoid frustrating and potentially unsafe internet searches
  • offer discreet access to information - users can look up trusted health information in total privacy without generating a search history
  • stand out from the crowd - show you care with your own branded digital health information tool

Why make use of a white-label app solution?

Creating an app using our white-label app framework has several advantages over a do-it-yourself approach and may help to avoid failure:

  • avoid mistakes - we've made the mistakes and have mastered them, so you can avoid having to go through the process.
  • save time - we have the expertise and skills to create health information apps in comparatively little time, using our tried and tested processes
  • no hassle - we can manage the entire project for you, so you can avoid the headache and focus on other things that matter

See also 'What will I get for the price?' below.

What does a white-label app offer?

A white-label app will allow you to:

  • use your own branding - customise the app with your own logo, brand and identity, so that users will associate the app with your organisation
  • enable your communities to access trusted information in seconds - in one place, even when offline - and make better-informed decisions about their health
  • signpost local services and support - so people can instantly find out what help is available, rather than having to search online
  • become more digitally inclusive - and better support digitally disadvantaged people with limited network coverage, poor reception, no money for data, or no access to a computer
  • increase your reach - allow easy and almost instant distribution through the app stores

Are there other benefits?

Yes. With a white-label app, you will be able to:

  • update your content anytime - easily keep info and links up-to-date
  • evaluate uptake and usage through analytics
  • better support people who struggle accessing online information, or who don't have easy access to your printed materials (e.g. patient information leaflets)
  • offer a better user experience over more traditional resources - with user-friendly interfaces, no need for frustrating searches, and fast-loading pages

How flexible is the app design?

To create your app, we will use our tried and tested app framework.

You will be able to:

  • use your own content - or let us create content for you
  • include rich media in your content pages - such as videos, GIFs, audio, hyperlinks, and other elements that encourage users to engage

We will in some cases consider making changes to our standard app design, but this will incur additional costs.

Can I see examples?

Yes. We have created two white-label apps, which you can download and look at for free.

Own brand apps - examples

Who creates the content?

We can

  • create content for you
  • adapt your existing content
  • use a mixture of both

Learn more about how we create content and ensure quality.

Can I make use of app analytics?

Yes. We can measure user engagement, the reach of your information, and the effectiveness of awareness campaigns.

  • access and evaluate aggregate data - make use of anonymous analytics on metrics such as downloading figures and app usage
  • measure traffic - track visits to your website from your page on the app (click here to learn more about UTM tracking)
  • monitor trends - evaluate the use of your page over time

Why should I choose you as a provider?

We're the first and only dedicated provider of health information apps in the UK. We offer a one-stop-shop and:

  • have medical expertise - we're led by an experienced GP, and have and access to networks of medical and health experts
  • are specialist health information providers - we can adapt your existing content, or create new quality health information
  • build and service apps - make use of our existing app frameworks and let us manage the project for you
  • promote your app in our networks - we can help market your app through our extensive networks in the education, health and care sectors

We're certified by the Patient Information Forum 'PIF Tick' - the UK's only quality mark for health information. Our apps consistently achieve high scores by Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Apps (ORCHA).

Two of our apps - the Student Health App and distrACT - are listed in the 'mental health apps' section on the NHS Apps Library. The distrACT app won the British Medical Association 'Patient Information Award 2019' for wellbeing and was 'highly commended' for the 2018 National Healthwatch England #NHS70 Award.

The CONfidence app is shortlisted for the Nursing Times Award 2021 in the 'Continence Promotion and Care' category.

What do past clients say?


"a pleasure to work with", "delivered to time and on budget", "worked flexibly and professionally in response to the changing needs of the project", "emphasis on quality and accuracy of content was demonstrated at every stage", "regular verbal and written progress reviews in addition to caring and supportive suggestions", "accurate and quality app"

Susie Smith, Project Lead 'Just One Norfolk Health Passport' app


"I highly recommend the services of Expert Self Care Ltd", "delivered in record time a 'top class' app", "working on the 'Student Health Matters' app with Dr Knut Schroeder and the Expert Self Care Ltd team was a wonderful experience", "efficient, professional and highly organised, Expert Self Care's level of commitment, and attention to detail throughout the process was exceptional", "the app is a tremendous resource"

Theresa Lowry Lehnen, Project Lead and Lead Author 'Student Health Matters' app, Irish Student Health Association

What determines the cost of creating a new app?

The cost for creating your new app will depend on various factors, such as:

  • specifications - do you wish to use our standard app framework or add new features?
  • content - will you provide your own content, or do you want us to create new health content from scratch? Will your content require frequent changes?
  • size - how many sections will the app include? How many pages (roughly)?
  • revenue opportunities - the potential for future earnings (such as licenses for local customised pages) could reduce upfront costs and generate income over time
  • operating system - do you want an iPhone app, Android, or both?
  • certification - do you want the app to bear the PIF Tick quality mark? Do you want it to be certified in line with the Digital Technology Assessment Criteria (DTAC)?
  • maintenance - your app will need 'looking after' and regular maintenance and updates, which we'll need to factor in

So to give you a cost estimate or quote, we need to find out a bit about you, what you're hoping to achieve with the app, and who it's for.

How much might a white-label app cost?

To give you a rough idea, creating your own app may cost between £50K and £100K+, depending on the factors above.

Here's how we calculate the costs:

  • app development - approximately £50K (£25K for iPhone and £25K for Android), including submission to the app stores
  • content development - from £10K to £50K+, depending on the scope of the app, the complexity of the topic area, and how much own content you provide and want us to include
  • additional coding - functional changes to the standard app framework and design are likely to incur extra costs

You'll also need to allow for a service and maintenance fee, usually between £5K and £10K+ per 12-month period.

What will I get for the price?

Using our white-label app solution saves you the headache and time of creating your app from scratch, and gives you peace of mind:

  • high-quality app in two versions (for iPhone and Android) - we only create 'native' apps as opposed to less expensive 'web apps' because native apps give a better user experience (e.g. load and run much faster), offer more flexibility in the design, and work offline
  • credible content - if we create and maintain the content of your app, you will be able to display the PIF Tick, the UK's quality mark for health information
  • established processes - we have effective 'tried and tested' processes in place to create apps and health content, which takes away the risk and effort of starting afresh
  • an effective 'backend' - we have well-developed app servers allowing good communication between an app's code and the content database, which makes our apps robust and easy to edit
  • ongoing maintenance - we offer ongoing maintenance of the app and the content
  • easy project management - we can manage the entire project for you - from developing the app to creating content - without the headache and hassle
  • marketing support - we will help you promote your app using our established marketing channels

You will get ownership of the intellectual property of the app's 'brand' and an unlimited exclusive licence over the content.

I don't have the budget - can I reduce the costs?

If you don't have the budget for an app, there are other options for getting your project off the ground:

  • sponsorship - could you gain sponsorship for your app?
  • partnerships - could you team up with other providers and share the costs and ownership?
  • donations - can you think of opportunities for fundraising (e.g. campaigns, crowdfunding, private donations)?
  • local customisation - could you, or we, generate income from local customised pages?

We usually stay away from creating paid-for apps, in-app purchases and in-app advertising.

If there are opportunities for generating revenue from the app, we might consider creating your app at a reduced cost.

Are there limitations?

Yes. We are selective about the white-label app projects we take on and the partners and clients we work with.

We only consider taking on a new white-label app project if:

  • there's a need for an app - and for targeted health information in a particular topic area, or for a specified group of people
  • you're the right client for us - you share our values and outlook, and your main aim is to improve people's health
  • we're the right development partner for you - you expect to receive a quality app and a quality service

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Knut Schroeder, Director Expert Self CareWe're always happy to consider new app proposals and talk with you about your ideas.

For more information and to arrange an initial chat, email (Director, Expert Self Care).