We're a small team motivated by helping people look after their health. 

What makes us stand out?

We thrive on giving users and customers a great experience and focus on quality. We have clinical experience, health information expertise and app development skills all in-house.

How do we work?

All our team members work from home and value a healthy work-life balance. This means we're pretty good at virtual teamwork. We can work flexibly and put in the extra hours if we need to. Being humans, we still like to meet face-to-face to plan and discuss our projects, and often do so in one of our favourite local independent coffee shops in Bristol.

Who else do we work with?

We recruit dedicated sub-teams for each project so our apps can be of the highest standard:

  • NHS health professionals
  • Users ('experts by experience')
  • Topic experts (researchers, national opinion leaders)
  • Partner organisations (such as universities, NHS, charities and other organisations)

For example, we had a 30-strong team of experts and 10 organisations working with us on the distrACT app. For developing the Student Health App, we had over 25 students on our Student Advisory Panel. You can find details of our sub-teams on our apps' 'team' pages.

Meet our core team:

Knut Schroeder

Knut Schroeder

Founder & Managing Director, Content Editor




Knut is an experienced GP and health information specialist who feels passionate about enabling people to self-care and making reliable health information easily accessible. 

He is also Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer in General Practice at the University of Bristol and interim Chief Executive of the Self Care Forum.

He is author of four books, including Diagnosing Your Health Symptoms For Dummies, and enjoys writing for both lay and professional audiences.

Learn more about him via his LinkedIn profile.



sharmila-choudhurySharmila Choudhury

Language and Copy Editor



Sharmila ensures that the health information we produce is written in plain English so that it's easy to read and understand.

She obtained her PhD from Oxford and is an experienced independent former BBC television producer and script editor with a desire to make science and health more accessible to people.

For over 15 years she's been working on internationally acclaimed TV programmes, including major scientific series with Sir David Attenborough, honing her storytelling and scriptwriting skills.

Find out more about her on her LinkedIn page.



Jeremy BassettJeremy Bassett

Mobile App Developer




Jeremy does his best to make sure our apps are easy to use and nice to handle.

He is an enthusiastic, experienced and innovative software developer and app designer.

Jeremy has over 20 years' experience and has worked with market leaders in various industry sectors.

His own app development company PocketLogic provides comprehensive solutions for the iPhone and iPad.



dave ashbyDave Ashby

Digital Designer





Full of creative energy, Dave makes sure our apps look pretty and professional.

He designs and builds digital projects with a focus on websites, app design and animation.

Dave has over 10 years' combined experience in various fields, including graphic design, web design, application design, animation, 3D-modelling, photography and coding.

His design company LiquidLizard has worked with various high-profile companies and institutions, including the BBC and Panasonic.



Photo of Jake McMurchieJake McMurchie

Web Developer and Designer





With his logical mind, Jake is in charge of keeping our website up-and-running and making it easy to use.

Based in Bristol, Jake's designed a number of websites for high-profile clients.

He is also an award-winning saxophonist (!), and with his band Get the Blessing won the BBC Album of the Year in the BBC Jazz Award in 2008. How cool is that!


Learn more about other people we work with, including our student panel, our advisory board and our outside partners.