Our company

We're a private limited company based in Bristol, UK (Company Number 8306708).

Our aim is to support young people in making informed decisions about their mental and physical health.

Our name -  we call ourselves 'Expert Self Care' because we enable people to become experts in their own health and self-care

Self-care - we support self-care to help people avoid disease, maintain their health and manage illness and disability effectively

Co-creation - we believe in involving users in everything we do (see our student panel)

Quality - we have strict editorial policies and are certified by the NHS England Information Standard as a producer of reliable health information

Collaboration - we enjoy working together in partnership with other like-minded organisations

Social responsibility - we promote more effective use of health services, travel actively when we can (cycling and walking) and give priority to ethical products

Want to learn more? Meet the team and find out what we do.