The Information Standard

The Information Standard quality mark


We're certified as a producer of reliable health and social care information by The NHS England Information Standard. This means that our organisational customers and users can feel confident about the quality of our health information apps.

What is 'The Information Standard'?

The Information Standard is a certification scheme for health and social care information. It is run by NHS England to help patients and the public make informed choices about their lifestyle, their condition and their options for treatment and care.

What does this quality mark mean?

The Information Standard provides a 'quality filter' to help people decide which information they can trust. It also is a 'quality mark' for organisations that can be regarded as reliable producers of health and social care information.

Information products carrying The Information Standard logo provide information that is:

  • accurate
  • accessible
  • impartial
  • balanced
  • based on available evidence and
  • well-written

How do we produce our information?

To gain certification, we had to demonstrate that our systems and methods to produce our information are robust and based on the best available evidence.

To achieve this, we:

  • deeply involve people with lived experience (users), experienced health professionals and topic experts in all our projects
  • have a core content team overseeing the information production
  • research topic areas for our apps carefully
  • use an iterative approach and frequent feedback to make sure our information products are reliable and relevant
  • regularly review our content

Read more about our content policy and how we produce our information.

Who's responsible and accountable?

We (Expert Self Care Ltd) are responsible for the accuracy of the information we publish. Neither the Information Standard Scheme Operator nor the Scheme Owner shall have any responsibility whatsoever for costs, losses or direct or indirect damages or costs arising from inaccuracy of information or omissions in information published on certain apps produced by Expert Self Care.

Is all our information certified by The Information Standard?

No. The Information Standard currently only covers some of our health information apps. Our news items, posts on social media, blog articles and videos are not included unless specified. Information generated by users (such as page comments) is also excluded from the scope of certification.

Where can I find out more?

Read more about the scheme on The Information Standard website.

Page last reviewed: 20 October 2019