Advisory board

Our Quality Advisory Board guides and supports us by bringing in their experience, insight and different perspectives.

Current members are:

  • Prof Alastair Hay (Chair), University of Bristol
  • Clive Haddrell, First Response Ltd
  • Antonia Northam, University of Bristol
  • Dr Dominique Thompson, University of Bristol
  • Prof Marjorie Weiss, University of Bath



Alastair HayProf Alastair Hay MD MRCP FRCGP (Chair)

GP and Professor of Primary Care, Centre for Academic Primary Care, University of Bristol



Alastair helps ensure that our health information is in line with the latest medical thinking.

He is an internationally renowned academic family doctor with a research interest in finding out what's wrong with people (diagnosis) and what may happen to them (prognosis).

Alastair's topic interests include common health problems such as feverish illness in children and bladder infections.

He's recently been appointed to chair a national guidelines development group for the UK National Institute for Care and Health Excellence (NICE). Check out his profile.



Clive HaddrellClive Haddrell Cert Ed Lead IQA, MIfL

Managing Director, First Response Resuscitation & First Aid Training Ltd



Clive is an experienced paramedic providing topic expertise around emergencies and first aid. 

Clive Haddrell has over thirty years' experience with the Great Western Ambulance Service NHS Trust and is Paramedic Advisor to the well-known BBC television program Casualty.

His company First Response Ltd specialises in Resuscitation, Defibrillation, & Anaphylaxis training for GP & Dental Practices, along with accredited First Aid courses for the commercial and public sector.



Antonia-NorthamAntonia Northam

Medical Student, University of Bristol




Antonia is a fourth year medical student at the University of Bristol and special adviser for our student health app.

She gives us fresh insights into health issues that really matter to young people.

Antonia also helps us get feedback and comments from students, to ensure that what we create meets their needs.

Until recently, she was Social Media Director for FUZE - the largest student-run fashion, music & dance event in the UK.

In her third year, Antonia intercalated in bioethics and was Vice-President of the Medics' Philosophy Society.



dominique-thompsonDr Dominique Thompson

Director, Buzz Consulting and Past Director of Service, Students' Health Service, University of Bristol




Dom works with us on our student health app and brings in her expertise as a student health doctor and national student mental health expert.

At the University of Bristol Students' Health Service she's set up a specialised Eating Disorders Service.

In the past she's also been an expedition doctor for Raleigh International and has worked as a police surgeon looking after victims of rape and sexual assault.

Dom writes a popular student health blog on mental and physical health issues, covering relevant topics from sports injuries to sexual problems and mental health.



Marjorie WeissProf Marjorie Weiss

Head of Pharmacy Practice, Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, University of Bath



Marjorie has particular interests around sharing decisions in healthcare and using education to change behaviour. 

Her extensive research portfolio includes evaluating the use of educational interventions to improve the way health care professionals communicate with patients.

She is also interested in adult learning and using innovative teaching practices to change behaviour in the health sector. Check out her profile.