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Expert Self Care conference stand

Past Student Intern Hannah Dudley with Expert Self Care founder Knut Schroeder
at the Annual UK Student Health Association Conference


Who we are

Expert Self Care is a small, independent company founded in 2012 by a practising NHS GP (family doctor).

We work with people and organisations in the health and education sectors who - like us - are dedicated to providing better digital support for under-served people, such as students, people with mental health issues, and young carers.

What we do

We co-create quality-assured mobile apps that make it easy for health and education providers to:

  • enable people to make better decisions about their health
  • equip people to self-care more effectively
  • signpost support and useful resources

We deliver an all-in-one health information app development service and:

  • provide medical expertise in-house
  • write, edit and update health content ourselves
  • create robust and user-friendly apps

Who we work with

We work closely with trusted people and organisations to co-develop apps, share resources and support each other.

ESC partners and clients

Where we want the future to look like

We want everyone to have easy access to trusted health information on their mobile phones - tailored to their needs and general circumstances - so they can live healthier, happier and more fulfilled lives.

How we want to get there

To support under-served and high-priority groups with current and new health information apps.

Our values and beliefs

We have a set of values to inform how we work with others and develop as a company.

We focus on the things that are important to us, which means that we:

  • work together - we co-create our apps together with users, topic experts and trusted partners
  • are open and transparent - so you can trust us
  • treat everyone fairly - regardless of their background
  • support your aims - we do our best to support you and your organisation, and have your best interests at heart
  • focus on quality - we strive to create outstanding products and services that give you and others the best possible experience
  • respond - we focus on providing solutions, sort problems as quickly as we can, and have a can-do attitude
  • keep learning - we invite feedback from our users and those we work with to help us improve
  • support growth - we believe in fostering a 'growth mindset' in our teams
  • achieve and maintain a good work-life balance - we want work to be an enjoyable and integral part of our lives
  • want to make an impact - to leave the world in a better place than we were born into

How we're funded

Expert Self Care is privately owned by Dr Knut Schroeder. We're independent and don't have outside shareholders.

The full versions of our apps are entirely free to use, with no in-app purchases or advertising. Organisations can also use our apps for free to support their communities.

To generate revenue, we:

  • offer subscriptions to customised pages on some of the apps
  • create white-label apps for selected organisations that share our values

Corporate social responsibility

As a company and a team, we want to have a positive impact on all aspects of society, including public health, economic, social and environmental.

We want to work in ways that enhance society, protect our environment, and help to improve population and planetary health.


  • provide information - to¬†support behaviour change and self-management, and reduce health service costs and resource use (Health Foundation, Helping people help themselves)
  • promote self-care - to enable people to look after their health better, for their own benefit and to save costs by reducing unnecessary and expensive interventions
  • use ICT to work more effectively - and reduce dependence on print materials
  • promote better health - by providing information on how to lead happier and healthier lives, to shift the focus on preventing physical and mental health issues rather than treating them
  • try to live by example - and, for example, avoid unnecessary travel to help improve global environmental health and reduce carbon emissions

To learn more about how healthcare can become greener, read Sustainable Healthcare, co-written by Expert Self Care's founder Knut Schroeder.

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