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We believe every student should have easy access to health information, so they can make well-informed decisions about their health and self-care.

Dealing with physical and mental health problems as a student can be worrying and challenging.

The new FREE ESC Student health app - developed in collaboration with the University of Bristol Students' Health Service - gives students fast and discreet access to reliable health information and advice about what's normal, which warning signs to look out for, and when to seek medical help.

The app also signposts students to other sources of support (such as NHS Choices, charities and helplines) - faster and less confusing than an online search.

Other benefits include:

  • No need for internet access: The app works offline (apart from external links)
  • Reliable information: Produced by NHS doctors and experts in student health from the University of Bristol, and certified by the NHS England Information Standard
  • Easy-to-understand: Developed with students, written in clear English and easy to read

Watch a short (2 min) video created by members of our student team showing you how ESC Student works:




HEPI report front page
HEPI Report 88

"We recommend that higher education institutions advertise the ESC Student app and encourage its use."

Higher Education Policy Institute, Report 88 (page 47), September 2016


"Reliable, relevant health advice for young adults who want to look after themselves and use medical services wisely"

Dr Dominique Thompson, Director, Students' Health Service, University of Bristol


How does the app support students?

The app presents key health information in clear language and in bite-size chunks.


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Containing over 900 pages of health information and advice, ESC Student covers over 125 physical and mental health topics:

  • Emergencies – learn the truth about life-threatening illnesses, how to give first aid and when to call for an ambulance
  • General ill health - tackle sleep problems, feeling stressed and constant tiredness
  • Mental health – find out what to do when you feel low or anxious, or when you self-harm
  • Common ailments and physical symptoms – get to the bottom of headaches, find out how to treat spots, and manage common aches and pains
  • Love, sex and relationships - learn about effective contraception, healthy relationships and spotting abuse
  • Alcohol & Drugs - recognise the dangers of substance misuse and addictions
  • Healthy living - appreciate the importance of a healthy diet and staying physically fit
  • Travel and fun - how how to stay safe and healthy on your travels
  • Long-term conditions - learn to live with diabetes, asthma and epilepsy and know how to cope with variations in ability
  • Safety - stay safe on campus, enjoy nights out, and be travel-smart
  • Navigating health services –  know when and how to access health professionals such as your pharmacist, nurse or doctor
  • Useful links – get fast access to hundreds of links to useful and reliable sources of further information


Safety and reliability

ESC Student has been produced by doctors and student health experts working in the UK National Health Service and is based on high-quality medical evidence.

Expert Self Care is certified by the NHS England Information Standard as a provider of reliable and clear health information.

The app has also undergone an independent external evaluation by the Organisation for the Review of Health and Care Applications (ORCHA) and scored 100% on 'value' and 0% on 'risk' in the category on Clinical Assurance and Efficacy (see below, click to enlarge).

Screenshot of score for clinical assurance and efficacy by ORCHA

Learn more about how ESC Student can benefit:

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