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ESC Student is a FREE app aiming to improve students' physical and mental health and wellbeing, so they're in the best possible shape for achieving academic success and reaching their full potential. 

Endorsed by the Higher Education Policy Institute and NHS England Information Standard certified, ESC Student is the quickest, safest and most reliable alternative to googling health questions - accessible 24/7 and without the need for internet access.

We can customise this app for your university so you can provide your students with local info and links - find out how.


We created ESC Student to:

  • Increase student health and wellbeing
  • Help students stay in shape so they can reach their full potential before, during and after their time at university
  • Improve student employability
  • Reduce drop-out rates for health reasons
  • Help students attend more lessons and achieve better grades


ESC Student provides reliable and trusted information:

  • created by experienced NHS doctors
  • NHS Information Standard certified
  • regularly revised and updated
  • developed with input from students
  • endorsed and recommended by the UK Higher Education Policy Institute
  • rated 100% on 'value' and 0% for 'risk' in the 'Clinical Assurance and Efficacy' category by the Organisation for the Review of Health and Care Applications (ORCHA)

How does the app work?

Watch a short (2 min) video - created by members of our student team - to find out how ESC Student can answer your health questions in seconds:



"Reliable, relevant health advice for young adults who want to look after themselves and use medical services wisely"

(Dr Dominique Thompson, Student Wellbeing Expert, Buzz Consulting, Bristol and former Director, University of Bristol Students' Health Service)

"We recommend that higher education institutions advertise the ESC Student app and encourage its use."

(The invisible problem - improving students' mental health. HEPI Report 88, p. 47, Sep 2016)

"slick and professional"..."the appearance of the app is great and I like the tabs in the home page with all the topics"..."very clear and easy to understand"..."very well written and easy to use"..."I would recommend this to my friends. I think everyone should have access to quick medical info and this app helps with that!"

(from student feedback)


Open the app and find more than 900 easily accessible pages with easily accessible information on over 125 physical and mental health topics:

  • Emergencies – learn the truth about life-threatening illnesses, how to give first aid and when to call for an ambulance
  • General ill health - tackle sleep problems, feeling stressed and constant tiredness
  • Mental health – find out what to do when you feel low or anxious, self-harm or feel suicidal
  • Common ailments and physical symptoms – get to the bottom of headaches, find out how to treat spots, and manage common aches and pains
  • Love, sex and relationships - learn about effective contraception, healthy relationships and spotting abuse
  • Alcohol & Drugs - recognise the dangers of substance misuse and addictions
  • Healthy living - appreciate the importance of a healthy diet and staying physically fit
  • Travel and fun - how how to stay safe and healthy on your travels
  • Long-term conditions - learn to live with diabetes, asthma and epilepsy and know how to cope with variations in ability
  • Safety - stay safe on campus, enjoy nights out, and be travel-smart
  • Navigating health services –  know when and how to access health professionals such as your pharmacist, nurse or doctor
  • Useful links – get fast access to hundreds of links to useful and reliable sources of further information


University customisation

We can add a branded page for your university or college to the app with links to your local support pages - learn more here.

Customisation ESC Student

Or contact us for more information.


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ESC Student is free to download on the Apple App Store (iPod, iPhone) and Google Play (Android).


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