Become more street-wise about your health

We create health information apps for the different stages in your life, so that you can put an end to guesswork, misinformation, and the temptation to ignore symptoms in the hope they'll go away.

Access reliable health information easily, quickly and discreetly on your smartphone to take better care of yourself:

  • learn how to spot important health symptoms - including the warning signs
  • find out how to handle certain health problems safely yourself and become an expert in your own self-care
  • know when to seek medical help

Reassure yourself on-the-go when you have a health concern, and be prompted to seek medical advice for more serious medical problems - 24/7, anywhere in the world, and without the need for long internet searches.

We currently focus on addressing the health information needs of young people. Launched in June 2016, you can now download our new 'ESC Student' iPhone health app on iTunes (an android version will be out September/October 2016).

Be reassured - we're certified by the NHS England Information Standard as a producer of reliable health information, and everything we create is evidence-based, relevant and up-to-date.

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