We believe that to make informed decisions about health and self-care, everyone should have quick and easy access to reliable health information

Any of us can sometimes find it hard to know whether it's safe to manage health problems ourselves, what warning signs to look out for and when to see a doctor. 

While plenty of information is available online, finding answers to health questions can be time-consuming, confusing and frustrating.

That's why we believe in making it really easy for people at different stages in their lives to access reliable, clear and useful health information - 'on-the-go' and without the need for an internet connection.

We're passionate about creating easy-to-use mobile apps that

  • provide clear answers to important health questions in seconds, discreetly, and without the jargon
  • are reliable and dependable - carefully produced by NHS doctors in close collaboration with users and topic experts
  • support people in making well-informed decisions - know what to do next, when to call for help, and where to go for further information.

We're a small, agile and committed social enterprise based in Bristol, UK, led by practising NHS doctors and certified by the NHS England Information Standard as a producer of reliable health information.

To find out how we support people (students in this case) in finding reliable health information quickly and easily, you can watch this 2 min video about our 'ESC Student' health app (directed and produced by members of our student user panel):


Find out how we support:

If you like to learn more or just have a chat, we'd love to hear from you, and you can contact us here.